​Starring Adam West press mentions

Bat Signal Alert

"Why doesn't Adam West have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? The answer to that question is being explored in a new documentary about West that seeks all Batman and West supporters

West, a Wood River Valley resident, is best known for his role in the original Batman series. The documentary was created by family, friends and fans. The film is intended to draw attention to the fact that even after 50 years of entertaining, West has not yet been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The documentary, which captures the two-year campaign to get West this customary honor, is being funded by a fan-generated effort that is prompting contributions from across the country. The documentary will ultimately be used to try to convince the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to honor West with a star.

West, and his wife Marcelle, moved to Sun Valley in 1986 and have been full-time residents since. He continues to work on projects, including the Fox television show "Family Guy," commuting from Idaho. Marcelle owns the local French gift shop Maison et Cadeaux in Ketchum. The West children, Nina and Perrin, attended Hemingway Elementary School in Ketchum before graduating from the Community School in Sun Valley..."

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