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SVFF: The 'Classic' Batman Stars at the Sun Valley Film Festival

Boise Weekly

"Before there was Christian Bale and before Clooney, Kilmer or Keaton, there was Adam West. The Ketchum resident likes to correct fans when they call him "the original Batman."

"That's the 'classic' Batman,'" he says with smile.

West, 84, has an amazing sense of humor about his days as the Caped Crusader and his wry, often naughty, wit usually catches fans by surprise. But it wasn't always that way. After three years as the bigest television star on the planet in the 1960s, West couldn't get a break. He was shackled to the biggest type-cast in the business.

Starring Adam West, a new documentary which chornicles the Seattle native's life as a Northwest farm boy and mid-20th Century matinee idol, is sweet. It doesn't break any new ground. It doesn't shock or awe. It entertains. And while the film is probably 20 minutes too long—coming in at 100 minutes—it's a must-see for any baby boomer and all of those fans who can't get enough Batman.

Today, West enjoys his Idaho life with his wife and blended family of six children. He has even enjoyed new-found fame as Mayor West on Fox's Family Guy. It turns out that Seth McFarlane is a huge Adam West fan..."

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