​Starring Adam West press mentions

Sun Valley Film Fest Day Two


"...In the same venue at 5:30, the labor of love "Starring Adam West" documentary, helmed by James Tooley, Ketchum-born-and-bred filmmaker son-in-law of West, was pure pleasure. There’s the inherent charm of the puckish, witty 84-year-old West, the poignant nature of West’s career – three years of success as Batman, followed by decades of struggling to escape typecasting, and a current renaissance of voice-over work for Seth MacFarlane and adulation from Comicon crowds – and a cleverly intertwined multi-year quest of getting West a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We expected the Ketchum-dweller to appear onstage afterwards, alongside his beautiful daughter Nina, Tooley, the film’s editor, Matthew Johnston, and cinematographer Blair Madigan, but were told he was home sick, alas.  Tales were told of raising half the film’s budget through Kickstarter, and locking the print just last week.  A distributor will be sought through the film festival circuit – “We’re taking business cards!”

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