Director / Producer


Field Producers

Director of Photography


James Tooley

Matt Johnston

Paul Taylor
Erin Germain
Cathleen Alexander

Blair Madigan

Michel Tyabji

Title Track "Adam West is Batman" written & performed by The Plaid Jackets 

Additional Camera Operators

Additional Sound

Austin Crew
Field Producer
Camera Operator
Second Camera Operator
Sound Recordist

Production Assistant

Post Production

Opening Title Sequence

Digital Colorist

Assistant Editors

Trailer Editor

Archival Footage & Clearances


Footage & Stills

Additional Music

Poster Design

Film Transfers

Video Transfers


Andrew Bonenfant
David Conley
Paul Samaniego
David Solorzano
Willie Tipp

Rosa Tyabji
Benjamin Hoekstra

Michelle Nehme
Ross Skrudland
John Mace
Scott Snyder

James Gentry

Foundation Content

Jay Carey

Mark Todd Osborne

Steve Lee
Greg Ponstingl
Sari Tracht

Tara Kelton

Kate Coe

Donaldson & Callif, LLP

Producers Library
Getty Images
The Associate Press
Oddball Film + Video
WPA Film Library
Whitman College and Northwest Archives
The Merv Griffin Show licensed courtesy of Reelin' in The Years Productions, LLC

Signature Tracks
Pump Audio

Hobart Birmingham

Spectra Film and Video, North Hollywood, CA

Christopher Gray Post Production

The Daily Transcipt